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  • Why Yaya Bra?
    Yaya bra products have become more popular for women who don't like wearing constricting bras. These tiny problem solves also help women with prominent nipples, useful if they do not want to wear padded bras. These covers also provide a solution for wearing strapless dresses and dresses that have a deep plunge neckline preventing all types of nip slips.
  • How many colours do they come in?
    They come in different tones and colors, but they usually are colored nude and some darker shades of nude or brown.
  • How long will reusable nipple cover last?
    Depending on what types of covers, most product with proper care can last up to 50 times reuse.
  • Use a moisturizer on my skin, will it affect the adhesive?
    Yes, It will, do not use any moisturizer, lotion, or powder on the area, the adhesive will not stick.
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